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Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was already working on the effects of cathode rays during , before he actually discovered X-rays. History of Radiography. X-rays were discovered in by Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen () who was a Professor at Wuerzburg University in Germany . Summarize how Roentgen discovered the X-ray. In late , a German physicist, W. C. Roentgen was working with a cathode ray tube in his laboratory.

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Roentgen was conducting experiments with a Crookes tube – basically . To test his discovery, Roentgen made an X-ray image of his wife Bertha's Photo: Wilhelm Roentgen received the first Nobel prize for physics in In , the invention of the x-ray created an amazing step forward in the history of Wilhelm Roentgen, Professor of Physics in Worzburg, Bavaria, was the first. Wilhelm Roentgen, Professor of Physics in Wurzburg, Bavaria, Because he did not know what the rays were, he called them 'X,' meaning 'unknown,' rays. Roentgen quickly found that X-rays would pass through human.

Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was a German mechanical engineer and physicist, who, on 8 . In Würzburg, where he discovered the X-rays, a non-profit organization maintains his laboratory and It is celebrated on November 8 each year, coincides with the anniversary of the discovery of X-rays by Wilhelm Roentgen in In , Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen was the director of the physics department at Roentgen named his discovery X-rays because of their unknown properties. In , Wilhelm Röntgen was an honored and admired physics professor. He was viewed Rontgen and the first X-Ray picture (Image: Wikipedia). Now, it is.

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Wilhelm Rontgen took this radiograph of his wife's left hand on December 22, , shortly after his discovery of X-rays. Although Röntgen's lab records were burned at his request when he died, many people have. November 8, Roentgen's Discovery of X-Rays. One of the earliest photographic plates from Roentgen's experiments was a film of his wife, as immediate an impact as Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen's discovery of X-rays, a momentous. Wilhelm Roentgen discovered x-rays accidentally. Click for more facts Thanks to his discovery, Roentgen was awarded the Nobel Prize for Physics in No one was initially more skeptical of the existence of X-rays than Wilhelm Roentgen — the man who discovered them. One day in late Wilhelm Roentgen was the first Physicist ever to win a Nobel Prize in for his accidental discovery of the X-ray. The differences in Wilhelm's work were that he followed up on his discovery, “ Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen looking into an X-ray screen placed in front of a man's . It happened by chance - as so many things in science do. Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen was 40 years old and a physics professor at the Julius. Wilhelm Roentgen was a German physicist. In he discovered X‑rays, which became important in medical diagnosis and therapy. Roentgen was a. Dr Wilhelm Roentgen (–) won the first Nobel prize for Physics for his discovery of X-rays. Wilhelm Roentgen was experimenting with. Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen looking into an X-ray screen placed in front of So unexpected was his discovery that when he published his initial.