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Here's how to personalize your cables for that custom look. Many PSU manufacturers have started offering sleeved cables as an add on for. This time he shows you how to sleeve the cables of your power United Kingdom: Find other tech and computer products like this over at. I'm looking to custom cable sleeve my gaming rig. Heres the parts. CASE: NZXT 1) The ATX Pins running from the PSU to the Motherboard is.

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Sleeving can be expensive; the tools and materials are not cheap, and if you are thinking of only doing one PC with custom sleeving, it might. welcome to my very first guide showing you how to sleeve your very own computer cables. Fabricating your custom length cable and 2. The MDPC-X cable sleeving company is famous for making the world's most beautiful cable sleeves. Today would look different without this: Million-Dollar- PC Custom cables made by our custom cable sleeving services around the world.

Shop now for MDPC-X PC Cable Sleeving and handmade Custom Sleeved PC Cables. We have a wide variety of custom pc cables, dyi cable sleeving supplies . Shop now for Custom Sleeved PC Power Supply Cables! Select from a wide range of colors produced by MDPC-X of Bavaria, Germany. Best selection of PC mod supplies offers custom pc cable, case mods, computer Professional Tailor-Made Enermax Custom Sleeved Modular Cable Kit.

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Customize your system build with the Thermaltake sleeved modular cable set. With three-layered design: Outer ultra-density weaving, the middle insulating layer. Pexon PCs custom USB, Audio and PC / PSU Cables. Full range of MDPC-X ( MDPC) Sleeving, Sleeving Tools, Crimpers, PSU Connectors, PSU Terminals. products Modders and Enthusiasts can get that custom sleeved cable look with minimal Unique RGB LED controlled PSU cable, Industry standard pin. Handmade cables and accessories to complete your PC build. TONS of photos!. Shop for premium, handmade Custom Sleeved PC Power Supply Cables. Design your own Custom PSU Cables in Paracord and PET cable sleeving. Click here to create your own custom cables with the CableMod Configurator! the utmost care, CableMod cables can turn ordinary systems into works of art. SKU CP Premium Individually Sleeved PSU Cables Pro Kit Type 4 Gen 4 – Black COMPLETE YOUR CUSTOM PC BUILD. Includes the full range of. Corsair CP SF Series Premium PSU Cable Kit Individually Sleeved Black Looking around for custom sleeved cables led to a whole lot of super. size Can custom your own colour as well MODULAR PSU SLEEVED CABLE ( Full modular cable) LENGTH ~ 30CM ▻ 45CM ▻ 60CM FOR full modular cable . are made to order. Our custom sleeved cable extension are made using only the highest quality materials. 24pin Custom PC Cable Extention. FEATURED!.