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Whether you've been sharing your Mac with someone or just need to tidy up your machine, follow along below for how to delete user accounts. On your Mac, delete users and groups to remove their access to your Mac. You must be an administrator user. Here's how to delete a user on a Mac (in MacOS High Sierra), and what account, and know the administrator account name and password.

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To allow users to log into your macOS computer, create an account for each of them. Here's how to remove a user from a Mac if you have extra user accounts that rarely get used. Macs with multiple user accounts sometimes need to delete a user account. Maybe you no longer need a specific user account, or you're.

How to Delete an Apple ID / iCloud Account from Mac OS A follow-up additional step may be desirable for some Mac users if they are. Mac OS X requires an administrator account to install programs, make system changes and edit users, and the operating system supports. When the time comes to get a new Mac and you want to sell the old one or give it to a friend or charity, it's wise to erase all your data files. You can either delete.

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The Mac word refers to all Apple computer series either mobile (Macbook Pro and Macbook Air) or desktop (iMac, Mac mini and Mac pro). How to delete a user account in Mac OS X First, click on the Apple menu and then click System Preferences Click Users & Groups Click on. Q. How do I delete a user on a shared Mac that is on OS X El Capitan, and what would happen to all the photos, documents and other files in. Everyone who uses a Mac has a user account. to use each of these different types of accounts, and how to delete them when you don't need. By Mark L. Chambers. After you set up a user account on your Mac, your aren't stuck with it forever. If for any reason you want to wipe out an account from the. sudo dscl. delete /Users/mac sudo rm -rf /Users/mac. If the dscl command fails, reset the password on the account and retry the above. Let us examine a situation wherein a Mac Guest/User account gets I attempted to delete it but ended up deleting Admin A accidentally. As with most everything Mac-related, restoring a deleted user account is easy. There are a few different ways to delete a user account, and unfortunately, not. Remove stored login information from your PC Select Start menu Select Control panel Click on User Accounts Click on Manage User Accounts Select. Shared Macs will invariably have multiple user accounts, and sometimes there are cases where you'll want to delete a user account but keep the others.