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image. Quick and easy Aegyo-sal. image. One aegyo-sal is bigger than the other, but I contoured according to what was naturally there. I was a. I can get the aegyo-sal look without surgery or fillers!? Read about great cosmetic products and tips that make your eyes pop with sparkle and. Mar 20, How to get Aegyo Sal (Korean Ulzzang Makeup) There's a video version of it too!: Korean makeup tutorial.

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It is the puffy eye bags under the eyes that make the eyes look a little credits: YT video – How To: Aegyo Sal (Puffy, Smiling Eyes) in 3 Steps!. How To: Korean Ulzzang/Uljjang Make Up (Ft. Aegyo Sal) back with a makeup tutorial! this is a look that i never thought of wearing because i. Aegyo sal – Korean Trends. Highlighting under your eyes is essential to achieve that fresh, youthful look we all covet! After all, it helps create.

Korean women know exactly what to do to get that much-desired look. So what is their secret? Enter Aegyo-sal. Why are Korean women having surgery to make their under-eye bags BIGGER? Aegyo sal means 'eye smiles' or 'cute skin' and is new trend in. The puffy-eyed look, called Aegyo Sal, is now a sought after look by Puffy Eyes Are Fashionable To Koreans, It's Supposed To Make You.

It is not eye bags. It is called “Lying silkworm(卧蚕)” in China and “aegyo sal( 애교살)” in Korea. The pouch is mainly caused due to fat bulge. “Puppy eyes” make-up trend is also called aegyo sal. In free translation it means ' eye smiles' or 'cute skin'. It perfectly reflects the effect desired by all Asian girls. Aegyo Sal (loosely translated as cute/winsome skin) describes the fat pockets under the eyes that are thought to make the eyes appear.

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It has its own name called aegyo sal. Because eye bag will make eyes look tired, but this aegyo sal makes puffy eyes than look super cute. Lovely girls must have 'aegyosal maker' in simple 2 steps. This is good tool for making aegyosal the easy way Aegyosal is a cute bag under your eye I like that. Or maybe do you ever hear Aegyo Sal? Aegyo Sal is popular among South Korean woman. Both are the same terms for plumps areas under. Red Velvet's Joy has the ability to make people smile along with her, thanks to her child-like smile. The aegyosal combined with her eye smile. Basically eye bags make you look really tired and they are considered unattractive pretty much all over the world. Aegyo sal however is located. Amazing charming flesh that is created by easy 2 steps! You can make charming flesh easily by 2 steps. STEP 1. Make shading line with brown color. STEP 2. Korean girls tend to make it a point to highlight their 'aegyo sal' as it will give others the feeling that they are always smiling. You can't learn. I'm back with my new look “AEGYO SAL” (eye pouches/eye pockets) I But my all favorite kpop celebrity is Kim Tae Hee her everyday make up. On 21 Jan @RT_com tweeted: Hangover eyes: Odd make-up & injecti.. - read what others are saying and join the conversation. Aegyo sal, often translated as “eye smiles” or “cute skin,” has been It's inspired by that cute, puffy look your eyes get when you're smiling.